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New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Monday, November 28, 2011 / No Comments
The New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 shows delivered a handful of wearable hairstyle trends like Ponytails, Romantic Updos, Twisted Updo, Bun Hairstyle, Braided Styles that would look just lovely on brides.

Braided Updo HairstyleSide Ponytail Long HairstyleRomantic Updo Hairstyle tucked underneath a Vintage VeilTwisted Updos Spiked with Black Feathers HairstyleLong Wavy HairstyleWavy Hairstyle With One Side Rolled Back
Intricate Chignon Hairstyle with a Fabric FlowerHigh Bun Hairstyle for Urban Black Tie WeddingRunway Wedding Hairstyle
Ponytail Fishtail Braid HairstyleSultry Hairstyle from Rachel Zoe PresentationNatural Loose Messy Hairstyle Pic

Emma Roberts Tousled Braided Blonde Hairstyle

Thursday, November 4, 2010 / No Comments
Emma Roberts Tousled Braided Blonde Hairstyle
Blonde Emma Roberts look very Beautiful in this Braided Hairtyle. This Tousled Hairstyle features small Braids throughout the Hair.

Braided Hairstyling Tip:

Step 1: Spritz a two-inch section of dry hair with styling spray. Starting about five inches away from your scalp, wrap section around an extra-large curling iron. Hold in place for a few seconds to set the curl, then release. Repeat, alternating directions of the curl until all your hair is wavy.

Step 2: Run fingers through hair to break up the sections and coax fullness.

Step 3: Create a messy zigzag part. Take a random 1/2-inch section along your part and create a 3-strand braid with each, pin to the side of your head. Create two more 3-strand braids that peak out from underneath your hair and tie the ends with a coated elastic band.